MotoGP Round In Singapore In 2011?

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(*Above: Artist’s impression of the Changi circuit in Singapore)

MotoGP boss Carmelo Ezpeleta told Singapore newspaper Today that the country could hold a MotoGP race in 2011.
“We have signed an agreement with a promoter to stage a round of the motorbike world championship in Singapore,” he said.
“But it depends when the permanent track will be completed. I understand it will be up in three years’ time, so there could be a race as early as 2011, if not 2012.
“Asia is important to MotoGP’s growth and Singapore is at the centre of it, that’s why we want to hold a round there. But my agreement is subject to the track being built.”

The track is nothing to do with the ‘Grand Prix’ street circuit used by F1, but a purpose built facility at Changi, set to be built on a plot next to Changi Airport.
The artist’s impression above isn’t too helpful on judging the exact layout so if anybody has seen a genuine circuit plan I’d be very happy to share it up here…

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