Riding As Alvaro Bautista In Moto GP 08 On PS3

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Many thanks to Richard Goodbourn for posting this youtube clip of himself riding as Bati on a few laps of Donington in the Moto GP 08 game for PS3…

And here’s his talk-through of how the game feels and responds, using this clip for reference…

“This is a 3 lap quick race on the latest Moto GP game for the PS3. Basically, the race is setup on the easiest setting round Donington Park riding as the one and only Alvaro Bautista. As you can see quick race automatically puts you at the back of the grid from the brief look back view. As the lights turn green, obviously you’re gonna shoot off on the easy mode and scythe through the field I clip either Lucas Pesek or Yuki Takahashi and spear off. Upon returning to the track, Manuel Hernandez rear ends me, throwing Bati off the bike.

The games respawn is very quick and your off away again. The graphics mind are near realistic with Capcom, just missing out minor noticeable details.

Being the easiest AI, I quickly catch up with the pack, cutting my way through. The handling of the bikes make the lower class bikes very nimble, hence barging past Espagaro like the Flying Hairball would. Upon entry to the Esses, Kallio is put off by me passing for the lead and falls off screen (could have been Barbera, don’t know). I loose the lead by entering the Melbourne Loop too hot, but quickly out drag Barbera into Goddards. Braking on these bikes are confidence provoking as the front and rear brakes are independent. From then on I pull away to take the win by 5 seconds over the rest of the 3 laps.

Moto GP 08 is a real step up from last years disappointment on the PS2, with the intro of the 125cc & 250cc classes and fields up to 35 riders. Track and Bike wise, there a lot of photo realism and noticeable gradient changes for the bike to twitch over and the rain effect on the lenses add another brilliant challenge to the racing.
Career mode allows you to earn points unlocking teams, helmets and upgrades for the bike to make it more competitive at the start.

Now the bad news. Sound wise, the 250’s are more 4-stroke-ish and the 125cc doesn’t quite sound right. The Moto GP bikes are still heavy to turn and corner speed is compromised, because of that. It is also irritating on difficulty settings as there is a significant gap between the 2nd & 3rd hardest settings also with going off the track being a major punishment as you will loose significant speed, which could cost you the race and possibly points overall.
In conclusion, This game is a must have, but be patient when things get tough.”

Cheers for the lowdown Richard; much appreciated 🙂

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