Alvaro Bautista 2009 Calendar Now Online

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Okay – a slightly off-topic plug for my 2009 BatiCal, which is now online for download.
As per last year, it’s a special design, completely chocca with great pics, and fully marked up with all MotoGP dates and the Batster’s birthday.
All the info and pics you should need to go on your Mac/PC desktop or to print out onto some nice glossy stock for your walls or *real* desktop
I’ve done two versions; one high resolution top print quality, and the other screen quality (although it has to be said this will print out very well indeed anyway).
Just wanted to give you the option of a seriously quality version if you plan on outputting it onto some costly paper/stock.

Full information and downloads are here at the Fan Forum…

Hope you enjoy it, and I hope you’ll pass the links around so that other fans and friends can enjoy it too. As well as a nice piece of Bati fanart and a useful calendar it also helps pimp so anything you can do to spread the word in that respect is *always* appreciated… 🙂

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