Alvaro Bautista Diecasts Campaign – Level 2

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We at BatiFans want to try and push the campaign for Alvaro Bautista diecast models further afield than Minichamps, and would appreciate your help in also filling up the Suggestion Boxes at Spanish company Altaya (who already produce some nice 1:24 MotoGP bikes) and Chinese manufactrer Ixo (who produced the 2005 Alvaro Honda in 1:24).
Obivously the 2006 and 2008 bikes are probably going to be the most important to suggest, but particularly with 1:24 scale why not push for a full “collection”…

Altaya have a suggestion page on their website: Click here…
And here is the page translated into English
Please can you submit the suggestions to this site (pmaybe be courteous and write in Spanish if you can, using Google’s translation page) – and on this occasion make sure you remind them that as a Spanish company they could use Alvaro’s popularity in Spain to sell such a collection.
By the way – If you have problems submitting the form it is because it demands a postcode (Spanish I guess) – I just filled that field with 11111 and it worked.

As for IXO, they have a page also saying they welcome suggestions, so please don’t be shy.
As ever let’s campaign for all bikes from 2003 through to 2008 – including the red & yellow World Championship end of season 2006 livery. Here’s the contacts for IXO…
Trade inquiries:
Customer Service:

Please write, and get other fans to write, and let’s get some momentum behind this!
Thanks 🙂

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