Alvaro Bautista Diecasts Campaign – UPDATE

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(*Above: Who wouldn’t buy this lot???? Our suggested “Collection”…)

Quick update on the Diecasts campaign.
I’ve found a couple more contact addresses that we can all write too, and I would suggest that you also send in the image above – or the PDF version of it which you can download from here…
We think it’d be good if a company just went and made either a couple of key bikes in 1:12 scale or perhaps a whole collection (as illustrated) in 1:24 scale.

Altaya have a suggestion page on their website: Click here…
And here is the page translated into English
(It requires a 5-figure postcode – just put 11111)
You could also try sending an email to them at:

Here’s the contacts for IXO…
Trade inquiries:
Customer Service:

This is the email address for Minichamps…

And here’s the contacts for another Spanish company called Guisval…

There’s more about all this campaign here… if you want to find out all about it and get fully involved.

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