Get This: “MotoGP – Riding Secrets” DVD

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As someone who religiously gets the Duke MotoGP Season Reviews, another top tip for this year has to be their “MotoGP Riding Secrets” DVD which is out now…
The best part of two hours long, it’s not unlike last year’s “A-Z” title which was an excuse to pull together lots of the special features from the season’s TV programming plus some excellent race and onboard footage to form a terrific (but paid-for) bonus disc.
This time around we have pretty much the whole top class talking about how a team operates across a GP weekend, mental and physical fitness (the mental bit includes a really nice interview with J-Lo… honest…) and lots of great stuff on starts, overtaking, cornering and of course crashing (that old DVD favourite) from the likes of Tony Elias, the Hopper, Colin Edwards, JT, Vale – all of ’em.

Whilst it’s easy to snipe at it being an exercise in charing you for recycling, I don’t honestly mind – it’s a great film with Dorna and MotoGP’s usual top quality behind it and it’s an excellent way to pass a couple of hours.
My only serious gripe would have to be the fact that, unlike last year’s “A-Z” it is totally focused on the top class, and completely excludes the 250s and 125s. That’s a great shame, although I’d be the first to admit that it might end up a preposterously long film if they *were* included.

Get it now!

Incidentally, as a Mac geek and iTunes/iPod/iPhone addict I’ve been busy badgering Duke to get the Season Reviews put into the iTunes Music Store. Their response was pretty positive so keep an eye out next year 🙂

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