Test Valencia – Quotes 125cc riders

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Julián Simón – 1’40.5
“I’m really happy – firstly with the job done by the team and secondly with the advice Jorge has offered me. I love the positive way the team is taking on this new challenge and in this test we have worked step by step, testing a whole host of things. The weather hasn’t done us any favours because the first day it was really windy and the second day it was really cold. That prevented us from setting better lap times. Even so, I made progressive improvements and each thing we tried was productive. The initial idea is to work on getting the bike ready for the first race of next season. We have got a lot of work to do over the winter in order to arrive at Jerez in good shape, which we have started on over these two days here in Valencia.”

Bradley Smith – 1’41.1
“They have been two positive days and I have had fun trying a lot of different things. We have tried to find some different solutions for the Aprilia, whilst we still have plenty of time. We can go away and think about things now over the winter and come back with a clear plan in the preseason. We’ve played around with a lot more things than you can at a test during the season, mainly the chassis and position on the bike, and the suspension settings. I also think my performance on the bike is much better than last season in a lot of areas. This is a good step forward and we have a lot of information to process, which should help us improve further.”

Sergio Gadea – 1’42.0
“We’ve basically worked on my position on the bike. We didn’t made as many changes as we thought necessary, on the front and rear, so that I could feel more comfortable. We also tried a couple of things with the chassis. I still need to get the bike turning better and keep it in line when I open the gas but we’ve made progress with a lot of small details and I’m satisfied with that. I have put in a lot of effort over the two days to make gradual changes. I’m happy and can go into the winter break with a good taste in my mouth.”

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