Test Valencia – Quotes 250cc riders

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Álvaro Bautista 1’37.12
“The track wasn’t 100% but after a break of a month it was good to get a feel for the bike again. There isn’t much new to test so it was a case of just getting some laps in. We tried a few new settings with the front suspension but it was very windy and the track didn’t have much grip. It was difficult but we’re happy with the results, even though we need to try it in better conditions. We tried Aprilia’s new electronics on the second day but it didn’t work too well on the first bike. We changed everything on the second bike late on and it seemed to work well but we ran out of time to work on it. Generally speaking it was a quiet test in which we haven’t made any major changes but just worked on a few small things.”

Mike Di Meglio 1’38.6
“It has been a very positive couple of days in which I have simply focused on adapting to the new bike. I slowly managed to drop my times consistently into the 1’38s and got a feeling for the way the Aprilia reacts. I did a lot of laps on used tyres to see how it behaves mid-corner. The 250 moves around a lot and this is a new sensation for me but it is normal and I have to get used to it. I’m happy with how these few days have gone and satisfied with the result, even though it is my first time on a 250cc. I am going to have to prepare myself really well this winter, physically and mentally, to be at my absolute maximum in January.”

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