My 2004 Aprilia Conversion Meets Its New Owner

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Although a lot of the pictures and videos from the trip to Talavera de la Reina we want to keep special and exclusive to our Forum Members there’s no way I can resist posting up this picture (by stv21 – thanks!) of Alvaro taking delivery of my 2004 NGS Aprilia 125cc conversion (based on Altaya’s Hector Barbera model, re-worked with my own designed decals). He got a real kick out of it, and said how it was really special and how the actual 2004 bike was really special to him too, having taken his first podium on it.
I’m probably even more chuffed at his reaction than he was chuffed at the model, and can only say I hope he gets loads of pleasure from it 🙂

The full story and pictures covering the process of converting the model can be found here…

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