New Alvaro Desktop Icons For Mac OSX & Windows PC

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(*Preview of the new set of 9 fabby Bati icons)

On a genuine piece of Bati-related news (and certainly Bati fan news) I’ve just published a new set of Alvaro Bautista desktop icons for Mac OSX and Windows PC.
These are great for replacing drab system icons for your folders, applications and drives; and I’ve done a mix based around a nice shot of Alvaro on the 2008 bike (with the 19 on it, unlike my last icon set which featured the pre-season bike) – and created 9 variants based around drive, netowrk and folder symbols. They are all nicely detailed and feature everything you’d expect from a state-of-the-art icon set, including alpha-channeled drop shadows so they look gorgeous on your desktop.

How do you download these?
Simple – Join up on the Alvaro Bautista Fan Forum and you can get the links from our “Members Only” downloads area.
Not a member?
You should be… 😉

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