End Of Year Number Crunching

 In MotoGP

The finale to this season saw Alvaro taking part in his 100th Grand Prix in the World Championships.
It’s a fitting time to take stock of his record since he first contested a WC race at Jerez in 2002 as a wildcard (entering the championships properly in 2003) and to knock out a few figures.
Lurking in these stats are his fab 2006 season, comprising the title, 8 victories and 14 podiums; and also this year’s excellent 4 victories and 11 podiums (10 of which were consecutive)…

Here we go:

Races: 67
Victories: 8
Poles: 8
Fastest Laps: 9
Podiums 18

Races: 33
Victories: 6
Poles: 6
Fastest Laps: 8
Podiums: 18

Races: 100
Victories: 14
Poles: 14
Fastest Laps: 17
Podiums: 36

Great stuff, eh?
Hopefully plenty more cool stats to come next year – including another world title! 🙂

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