BatiFan Blog 2009 Coverage To Include Juanjo Nuñez

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Just to let you all know about a slight extra/tangetial piece of motos we’re going to be following on this blog in 2009…
We’ll be bringing you news on the career of Juanjo Nuñez – a young, up and coming rider (he won the 2008 Madrid Minimotos Championship) who, like Alvaro, hails from Talavera de la Reina. He’s also a member of Alvaro’s fanclub and so in the spirit of the Peña and also taking any Talaverans under our wing, we’re happy to root for him and to add him to our roster of Bati-related newsworthiness.

Buena suerte por la 2009 temporada Juanjo 🙂

*FYI: We have affiliated his website on our various blogs and Alvaro fansites, and you can also often find mention of his activities on Alvaro’s official website.

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