Superstock News For 2009

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We have received news that 2009 Pere Tutusaus will run in The World Superstock 1000 FIM Cup with Team Goeleven Pms with the official KTM RC8 2009. He will probably be running as number 111.
It was a surprise to get this information, and though we’re delighted to hear it, it does raise questions over whether this means that his appearance on the 2009 125cc MotoGP listings for Matteoni is now out of the window…?

Anyway – that he is racing at World Championship level in 2009 is great news and we look forward to supporting him and following him; and we’ll try and get more information on exactly what other competitions he may be involved in.

EDIT: (19_01_09) – Thanks to further word from Team Goeleven Pms, I can confirm that Pere will *not* be racing for Matteoni in the MotoGP 125cc series.

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