Jerez Test, Day 1 – Quotes 250cc

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Alvaro Bautista:
“This test serves us to remove the spiderwebs that have developed during the winter without getting on the bike, to get some experience and to recover the feeling for the bike. Personally I did very well, we have done many laps and progressively they have been faster and faster. I finish this first day with a very good feeling, that is the most important. The new asphalt has eliminated all the waves on the track although the cold temperatures today didn’t let us draw exact conclusions; in any case, the fact that the track is now more even is already an advantage. The electrical part of the Aprilia seems to work well and, as far as suspensions, we have been limited to compare the setting of the race last year with the evolution at the end of season. We noticed some improvement. We did some great work and it is necessary to continue progressing that way.”

Mike Di Meglio:
“We didn’t begin the test as we wanted. This morning I did some laps to get used to it again and later I tried to get into a rhythm, but I crashed after the first few turns. I lost the front and left the track and that made me lose a little confidence. Luckily, I could return to the box and the mechanics have been with me to help me get the motivation back. Little by little I felt better and we have been able to complete a good day, but I believe that I still didn’t have a feeling of 100%, therefore I couldn’t improve the bike as I wanted. Tomorrow I will try to begin calmer and go from little to more. I’m satisfied with the final result of this first day, although without the crash we would have progressed more.”

Gábor Talmacsi:
“I believe that today I had the best feeling on the 250 bike since I changed the class. We have not reached the maximum, but we didn’t have any incident and that is something very positive. We didn’t test anything special, we just went out to get a feeling for the bike. The motor of the Aprilia worked good although we can still improve it. The weather conditions have worsened again and I thought that it was dangerous to remain on track, so shortly before 5pm we have finished the day. My goal is to evolve properly, without going beyond the limit, because a stupid crash right now would be a throwback for us.”

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