Jerez Test, Day 3 – Quotes 125cc

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Julian Simón 1’47.125 (66 laps)
“Today we played a lot with the carburettor and have adjusted the bike to the maximum so that at the end of the day we were able to be very fast. I wasn’t limited, but all day I lacked a little power. Later we tested some tires and with the last solution of the engine I think that I did a pretty good laptime. As a consequence of the many laps I did, I eventually got to the point where I was able to get the best out of the bike. I think that I would’ve been able to rider faster, because in my fastest lap I made some mistakes. But I am very satisfied with the result and I have to thank the mechanics and Aprilia for the fantastic work they have done.”

Bradley Smith 1’47.807 (67)
“I am very content, because we have been over a second faster than yesterday. From the first day to the second we were a bit stuck and that cost us time to progress, but in the last two days we made a big step that makes me satisfied enough. We were able to ride consistently with all types of tires which shows that we are on a good way. I tested several settings for the suspension and with all of them we understood the performance of the bike. It seems that we have found a good way of work for the future. It is clear that our work isn’t finish here and we have to continue improving, but the conclusion of these three days is very positive. I am very happy being able to return to racing and I hope that the time in Valencia will help us to continue with our work.”

Sergio Gadea 1’48.929 (58)
“I finished the day more satisfied regarding the laptimes, but I’m not totally satisfied, because we still need to get on a little higher level. I think that we improved every day and the evolution has been remarkable. I was able to ride fast although I hope that in Valencia we can continue with this progression. We didn’t make any great changes and focused more on riding to get a better feeling. The last session of today has been good although a mechanical failure of a connecting rod has prevented us from going a bit faster. The general feeling of the three days is satisfying, but now I only think about Valencia.”

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