Jerez Test, Day 3 – Quotes 250cc

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Álvaro Bautista 1’43.488 (53 laps)
“To be honest I didn’t think that we would be so fast in these temperatures, but we have done a great job. Yesterday I was already satisfied to be within the 1’43 and today we just tested some small details to try and progress. We have discarded some things and the most important is than I feel very good on the bike, just as the previous days. I can also leave Jerez with a good feeling, because I was able to do laptimes under 1’44 all day and riding in record pace. These three days served the purpose of reunion and adaptation after two months without riding. We made full use of it and apart from that we have established some solutions for when the championship arrives, knowledge that can serve us every moment. I hope that this weekend in Valencia the good feeling will continue as it is now.”

Mike Di Meglio 1’44.021 (40 laps)
I am really content, because I rode very well. I began this morning and in the sixth lap I was already as fast as yesterday. I felt very comfortable on the bike and quickly we got down to work to continue progressing. I did a 1’44.0, but soon I saw on the telemetry that it was a 1’43.9. I am very satisfied with the result and simultaneously disappointed, because in the end I thought I could go a little faster, but with the colder temperatures it wasn’t possible. In any case I am convinced that with a little higher temperatures we would have continued riding fast. Now it is necessary to focus on Valencia and to build upon this good work we did.”

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