Valencia Test – Quotes 250cc

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Alvaro Bautista 1.38.170 (40 laps)
“Despite the weather conditions I was enjoying this test a lot. We came from Jerez very motivated, because things went very well when we left there. The truth is that I absolutely did not expect to crash, because I was riding very confident, but with the track so cold everything is possible. It happened when it began to rain, we also just put a new back tire on and I think that it was still cold. It is a pity, because it has stopped our excellent work so far. In any case, it is necessary to hope that the consequences are not too bad and that I can recover soon, so that I arrive at Estoril at 100%.”

Mike Di Meglio 1.38.342 (30 laps)
“This test has been very positive, because in the few laps at the beginning I’ve always bee as fast as I’ve been during the last test at Valencia. Considering the condition of the track this is a very good thing. Little by little I felt better on the bike and most important is that I get used to the proper way of riding a 250. I hope that at the next test in Portugal we have more luck, because in Valencia was very cold and it was far from easy to ride fast. I am a little disappointed about the crash of Alvaro right at the moment when it began to rain, I wish him a quick recovery. Personally when I saw raindrops I preferred to stop riding, because I am in the process of getting more confidence with the bike and a serious crash would only put us a step behind.”

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