Alvaro Bautista in hospital after surgery

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Following his crash at the last day of testing in Valencia which resulted in a fractured right collarbone, Alvaro Bautista had surgery at the USP hospital San José de Madrid today and will stay there overnight. If everything goes as planned, he’ll be able to leave the hospital tomorrow morning and with check-ups and rehabilitation he should be able to get back to training within the next few weeks.
The surgery became necessary as the fracture seemed to be more complex than initially assumed and this way he will also have full mobility of the arm immediately.

Doctor Ángel Villamor: “During the surgery for which it was necessary to do a local anesthesia, the comminuted complex fracture has been fixed, stabilized and equipped with an anatomical special titanium plate. In the center of the fracture we inserted rich plasma to support the growth, produced with blood of the patient – with the goal to accelerate the process of bone healing and practically reducing it to half of the time it would require with the conventional procedure.”

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