British Eurosport To Retain MotoGP Coverage?

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The hopes of thousands upon thousands of MotoGP fans (particularly those who, like us, are into 125cc and 250cc coverage as well as the main class) were raised today when MCN reported that British Eurosport may yet retain rights to TV coverage in 2009 (though this appears to be with the exception of live coverage of the MotoGP race itself).
According to MCN…

Live coverage of the 125 and 250 races is expected to remain, as is British Eurosport’s heavy output of practice and qualifying from all three classes.

This would be fantastic news – and I hope to god it’s true and our hopes aren’t dashed again.

It’s become clear just how piss-poor the BBC proposition was, and ongoing public discussions via sites like about the coverage and fans’ concerns has shown them (the Beeb) to be little short of a bunch of shitwits with no interest in serving up the best possible product for true fans.

Please let it be true – Please let it be Eurosport that I’m following this season with!
You can read the full article here…

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