Does This Look Like Silverstone To You?

 In MotoGP

An artist’s Impression of Silverstone

Another artist’s impression of the artist.

I’m sorry, but no amount of looking at maps and plans and cute pictures can disguise the fact that Silverstone is a crap, bland, flat nothing of a circuit (that’s not improved by the proposed course alterations) with cock-all in the way of anything to recommend it in terms of access. Parking – and routes in and out – is a lottery at best, and its execution and delivery on race weekends is nothing short of Hell On Toast.
I swore after the 2007 Formula One GP (I swore a lot in fact)… I swore that I would never go back to Silverstone; and I still have no intention of doing so; and am already thinking ahead to 2009 wondering which MotoGP I’m going to go to abroad rather than stay home and go to the British GP.

It’s a bad call. A totally crap call. MotoGP deserves better, and so do its fans.

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