Alvaro Bautista ’08 Helmet Desktop Icons For Mac OSX

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Alvaro had two main helmet designs in the 2008 season; a standard one (on his new Suomy lid) that was a hotch-potch of blue and red and white – and not terribly elegant – and another that was very much red and silver and which owed more to the cool stylings of his 2007 helmet.
I’ve converted this second one into a couple of icons for those of you out there who use Mac OSX. (Though I’ll get on with sorting out a Windows version soon of course…)
The set comprises of two options: one being a basically ‘clean’ version, and the other having a nifty little drop-shadow that will look pretty swish on your desktop (particularly if it’s a desktop wallpaper download).

Click here to download the Mac OSX 2008 helmet icons…

Enjoy 🙂

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