Alvaro Bautista “Angelic Devil” Desktop Wallpaper

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We all know that Alvaro’s mascot is a little diablo – and that he revels in that image. (although there’s nothing actually “serious” in it; it very much a *mischeivous* icon really, rather than an *evil* one.)
But anyone who’s met him at races, or seen him in his hometown habitat will also know that there’s a very good natured, angelic side to him too. So here’s a new “angelic” (sort of… ish… there’s the occasional touch of devilish splatters and tendrils) desktop wallpaper design of Alvaro.
Not entirely clear where the actual design / aesthetic idea came from – weird but hopefully cool…
Available in two high quality widescreen JPEG options.
(*Don’t bother clicking on the preview image – that’s only tiny!)

Click here to download the 1440×900 version…
Click here to download the 1280×800 version…

Enjoy 🙂

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