Donington Park 2010 Formula One Track Simulation

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Here’s nice clip, found on Donington’s website by author Richard.
It’s an F1 simulation of the new (new as in not built yet) Donington Park configuration, which is due to be in operation in time for 2010 when F1 comes to the track, and when MotoGP has sadly departed for Silverstone.

It’s a great indication of the gains and losses of the new layout; for instance the omission of the Fogarty Esses which is something of a shame, and the new infield drop and rise – something of a double edged sword as although it’s clearly a really nice feature and looks like it could provide some great racing, it’s also clear just how much of the punters’ viewing areas of the infield have been got rid of. (But then racegoers, punters and fans always seem to come strangely low on authorities’ priorities…)
Still – overall it’s a great lap and it clearly shows how impressive Craner Curves will remain, and what a classy, racey and characterful, charming circuit Donington is.
And it just reminds you how bewilderingly drab and awful Silverstone is by comparison.

Anyway – enjoy the lap, and you can find the full size simulation here on the Donington Park website…

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