Estoril Test, Day 1 – Quotes 125cc

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Julian Simón 1.45.863 (70 laps):
“I am very happy with the kind of feeling we got at this track today which is new for me on this bike. I believe that the performance of the as bike as well as mine have been excellent and the team did sensational work, so we couldn’t ask for more at the start of this test. At the beginning of the day we had some problems with the carburettor, but we solved it little by little. The laptimes showed that until we reached a very good laptime. I am satisfied, because I have improved my laptime compared to when I rode here with the KTM, but still there is some space for improvement to beat the record time. I believe that we can manage that, but will be necessary to improve a lot, mainly regarding the engine. In any case the main goal is to go to the first race with the best preparation possible.”

Bradley Smith 1.46.623 (77 laps)
“This is a circuit that we had problems with in the last year, so I came here with the objective to work hard and to find some solutions as fast as possible. At the beginning of the day it seemed that this was gonna be complicated, but we have worked meticulously and progressively the time has gotten better. In the end I have been able to ride in the 46s, but the most important is than we have been able to understand every improvement we made. I think that we have found the best way to go with the suspension and engine efficiency, we have improved a lot in the acceleration. As a reward for the day we also did good laptimes, so I’m very satisfied. It is obvious that we are still far from the record and that tomorrow it will be necessary to continue improving, but at the moment I am satisfied with the day’s conclusion.”

Sergio Gadea 1.47.251 (68 laps)
“To be honest I am quite satisfied, because I’ve been faster than I expected. I have been close to Julito’s time all day, but in the evening he has marked the difference. I like this test, because there are a lot of riders out who have a chance to be in front this season and it is good to see how we are doing and how they are doing. The mechanics are working very well, the performance of the bike is optimal, perhaps the only lack is me finding the right feeling. But I am really motivated, because I feel that little by little we are going faster. That means that we are progressing and that we can go to Jerez with a good rhythm. In this first session we didn’t test anything specific, but rather some small variations and mainly we have tried to do as many laps as possible to get a good feel for the bike.”

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