Estoril Test, Day 2 – Quotes 250cc

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Álvaro Bautista 1.41.119 (70 laps)
“I can conclude this test with a good taste, because I was able to improve my overall feeling compared to yesterday, the collarbone has bothered me less and I felt much better on the bike. Also the rhythm as well as the laptimes have been much better than yesterday, so I leave Estoril very satisfied. By all means I am still not completely recovered, but I took another small step forward and I regained my confidence with the bike, I hope to continue this in Jerez and arrive at full fitness. Since this morning I have been able to improve my laptimes compared to the first day and I have dedicated myself to test several modifications on the front suspension. When you are testing these things it’s difficult to ride fast although I haven’t been slow either riding in 41s, but to conclude this test I took what has worked the best for me today and did some final laps just to ride for myself without having to work on modifications.”

Mike Di Meglio 1.41.704 (63 laps)
“I am happy with the work we’ve done today. I would have liked to go a few tenths faster, but I am satisfied. I think that we got a good rhythm relatively fast and that is helping us to gain experience. The rhythm is good, but I still have to improve my riding as far as braking and acceleration goes. I will try to put all these things together calmly at home, to be better the next time I sit on that bike. I leave Estoril very satisfied, because it is not a track I like very much and I believe that we’ve done a great job here. We have tested so many things that I think it would be good to have a little break and take everything in that I am learning. Despite the enormous amount of things I learned already, I still don’t have all the experience I’d like to have and that makes me do mistakes sometimes, but it has definitely become better already.

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