IRTA Test Qatar – Day 1, Quotes 250cc

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2º Alvaro Bautista 2.01.121 (58 laps):
“This first day has been a little complicated because the track didn’t have much grip and it has taken us a little to get a good rhythm. While we were riding we finally found a solution for the front part of the bike, which really caused us the most problems. With some little variations we achieved great improvements, and progressively I’ve been able to ride more comfortable and the conditions of the track also improved. If we continue this line of work tomorrow then I am convinced that we will improve and I will gain confidence. Most important thing of today is that little by little I have found some feeling on the Aprilia, although there is still room to improve with the suspensions.”

8º Gábor Talmácsi 2.02.278 (47 laps):
It has been quite a positive day although I still have some doubts. At the beginning of the session I had an incident with the gear lever and have spent a lot of time in the box, but the team has has done an awsome job and we have been able to continue testing things. With used tires I am able to get a fast rhythm, but with new tires I have much more problems which is really is not logical, so we will have to find out why. I think that with used tires I managed some fast laptimes, but we have to be able to be fast in any circumstances and condition and with the tire we have. Today we concentrated on evaluating the performance of the tires with each additional lap. At the end of the session I felt very comfortable riding the bike and I am satisfied.”

10º Mike Di Meglio 2.02.469 (47 laps):
“This is a circuit I like much and I felt very comfortable on the Aprilia despite it being my first contact with the 250cc at night. I was very tired because we only arrived this morning and I believe that I was not at my maximum, but even so we have had fantastic a first day. We will try to continue improving tomorrow. Today we basically concentrated on working with the frame of the bike. I think that we found a good configuration of the chassis since I felt very comfortable riding the bike. We decided to finish the day a little ahead of the time so that I could rest a bit and will be able to return tomorrow with all my strength.”

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