IRTA Test Qatar – Day 2, Quotes 250cc

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1º Alvaro Bautista 2.00.496 (65 laps)
“I believe that we did some good work because we tested lot of things on the engine. Also it seems that we took another step forward with the frame because I feel better with the modifications on the front part. Although the work of today has centered mainly around the engine to achieve a better speed in the curves. We also tested different types of tires and now we know more or lesss clearly which ones work for us, always depending on the conditions of the track. The most important thing is that we now have a lot of information for the race. I got my good feeling back, a good rhythm with the bike and when we finished the test I was able to enjoy riding the bike and find my reference points.”

4º Mike Di Meglio 2.00.946 (43 laps)
“I am very happy to finish fourth, because at the end of the test session everyone was able improve their laptimes from yesterday, but we needed just a little bit. We rode very well, the chassis made me feel really comfortable on the Aprilia and I believe that I did a very good laptime. But we still have some work left with the gear changes to get a bit more ahead, but I am very satisfied with the work of the team during this test. It’s been two very positive days despite the fatigue and I leave this test very satisfied with the fourth fastest time of today. It will be necessary to stay focused, to follow with this way during the race weekend and to be strong and ready for the race.”

13º Gábor Talmácsi 2.01.772 (51 laps)
When I went out for the last time I had a crash and this finish of the test leaves me unhappy. Today we tested numerous different settings, but our main problem in this circuit always came from the front part of the bike. We still don’t have a solution, but the team is working hard to find it. Today wasn’t our day, at the beginning we went very well, but from the middle of the session onwards we stopped improving and discovered some disadvantages. We didn’t know what we needed to be faster. In any case I am calm because we did good work yesterday which we can use in practice on Friday, to improve this situation.”

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