Qatar GP – 125cc – Preview Quotes

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Julian Simon: “Next Friday I will begin a new adventure with this team. Everything has gone well in preseason since the first moment, and we have done very good times in every test. The last test in Qatar allowed me to finish fine-tuning my bike, and I believe that we are in a position to start well. The track is one that I like, but it isn’t amongst my favourites. I am going to give my all to leave the first race with a good taste in both my mouth and that of the team. We want to go well and –why not?- win it. We have a chance.”

Bradley Smith: “I can only say that I am really happy to be starting this season. Testing is nice, and we’ve done an exhaustive amount of work over the winter, trying to improve the bike the maximum possible when compared to last year. The end objective has always been the races. The work has been great up until now, and I think that we have taken a big step forward from my first test in Valencia back in November. We have to keep fighting up at the front, and the tests have given us an idea of this. Races are different though, and the season is long, so the goal for Sunday is to get as many points as possible and start things off well. Once we get past Japan and Jerez then we will see where we are.”

Sergio Gadea: “During the preseason we have been getting better every time, although maybe we were a bit venid at the last test in Qatar. I am happy, because we’re capable of solving problems and being amongst the top guys. I will always be positive as long as we are working this way, and we will be able to improve. Last year I wasn’t able to give 100% at this race and I won, which was an unforgettable experience, and I want to show that I can do even better. I want to start this season consistently, something that we didn’t do in 2008. Then I can start looking at winning again.”

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