Qatar GP – 250cc – Quotes FP1

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1st Gábor Talmácsi 2.01.902 (16 laps)
“I am very happy because I improved my best time from the past week’s test by a considerable amount. It is very positive, because the test hadn’t been as productive as I had hoped. I think that it is a good time that signals that we should be at the front, but this is neither a qualifying session nor a race, just a good start that gives us the spirit to continue working hard. In this first session the track was dirty and had little grip, but I expect conditions to improve tomorrow and the others will come closer to my time. We have a good setting, so we’ll carry on confident ahead of tomorrow’s qualifying.”

2nd Álvaro Bautista 2.01.943 (16 laps)
“We are a little far off the times that we did at the beginning of the week. The track isn’t in the best of condition and this is definitely affecting our setting, as I haven’t really felt comfortable on my Aprilia. It was vibrating a lot on the front when we entered the corners, so tomorrow I hope that when the other classes clean the track we can get a better grip from their rubber. The wind has also been a handicap. We all have good data from the test, so we’ve been able to ride in similar times, but we need to see who is able to carry on improving when the times really drop. Tomorrow we first need to check the state of the track, and then try to improve. If the track is as it was during the two days of testing, then we will be able to continue with our original setting.”

11th Mike Di Meglio 2.02.836 (16 laps)
“Today we had a complicated session, because the engine wasn’t performing at its best. We didn’t get a good lap in, but in any case it is a free practice and we still have tomorrow to find out how to continue facing our problems and what the solutions are. The team have worked hard all preseason, and tomorrow we will fine-tune to have a good qualifying session. I want to have some fun and see how we are going to be when the race comes around. The important thing now is not to worry too much and carry on learning.”

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