Qatar GP – 125cc – Quotes Qualifying

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1st Julián Simón 2.06.974 (14 laps)
“I have never been on pole in a Grand Prix before and I’m really happy. It is payback for a perfect job so far, now we need to finish it off in the race. The session went well – we ran the harder tyre too and it felt great. I think it’s going to be a tight race because Smith and Iannone have closed the gap. It’s obviously impossible to predict what could happen tomorrow because the slipstream is a major factor here with the long straight and it’s difficult to escape, but I think it is going to be between us three. My objective is to finish well and leave Qatar with a job well done. This pole has given me a real boost because I gave it my all and everything worked out how we hoped.”

2nd Bradley Smith 2.07.107 (17 laps)
“I was pleasantly surpised with how we were able to pick the pace up from free practice to qualifying. We’ve taken a big step with the lap times, I don’t know why exactly but the grip has been improving gradually and so has my feeling with the bike. I think the conditions were better tonight than they have been all weekend. I set a lot of laps in the low 2’07s, which is really important for the race. I think it’s going to be a close race between Julián and myself, and I’m sure Iannone will go with us, but there are other guys that will be able to make the most of the slipstream down this long straight and pick their pace up. We’ve done our homework, now we need to have a good rest tonight and get ready for the first race of the season.”

6th Sergio Gadea 2.08.147 (17 laps)
“I’m happy with the result because we’re steadily getting closer to the front. We’re still missing something but I feel satisfied with this. I pushed for an extra lap at the end just to make sure and it felt quite easy but there was some traffic out there and it was a shame because I think I could have got a front row start. I just want to finish the race tomorrow at all costs and if possible do so within the top five. Bradley and Julito are a step ahead but it’s not as big a step as it was and I’m sure the rest of us will get even closer because it’s a long championship. Anyway, we’re ready and I think we can look forward to a great race tomorrow.”

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