Qatar GP – 250cc – Quotes Qualifying

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1st Álvaro Bautista 2.00.677 (19 laps)
“I am happy to have got pole position despite the difficulties posed by the wind. At the start of the session it started to rain, and we didn’t know if we’d have qualifying at all. We had a good pace but at the start I had to work a little bit. We tried a new tyre that didn’t work out and then returned to what we had before. I was going round in a pace below 01. Tomorrow’s race will be complicated, as Aoyama will be up at the front and Barberá and Di Meglio will also have something to say. I expect a difficult race, but I want to have fun with it, and the important thing is that we have everything ready. In any case, we’ll have the warmup for some final adjustments.”

3rd Mike Di Meglio 2.01.113 (18 laps)
“I am very happy because we worked to perfection in bad conditions. I tried to give my all on every lap, and felt progressively better with my Aprilia. Third place is satisfying, and I hope to be able to top the weekend off with a great race. It’s my first race, so I will try to get as much experience as possible, and tomorrow we will decide the finetuning in the warmup. I will aim to get a good start and figure up front, and base my pace on the tyres. I hope I hold my nerve and ride well, as in the MotoGP test I was in the top five. A podium would be a fantastic result.”

6th Gábor Talmácsi 2’01.693 (17 laps)
“I am happy with my first qualifying session in the 250cc class. It was a difficult run because of the rain and the delay, and we finished very late. In any case I don’t think that I was at 100%, as the wind stopped me arriving at my true limit. I tried to keep focused though. The front end is still giving us problems, but we are confident for tomorrow. With a good warmup session we can make the final adjustments that will allow us to have a good race. It is difficult to make predictions, but in any case Álvaro and Aoyama are looking strong. It will be my first race in the class, and a top five finish would leave me very satisfied.”

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