Japanese GP – 125cc Quotes, Saturday

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2nd Julián Simón 2.00.864
“It is a real shame that the weather has prevented us from riding again. I finished up second fastest yesterday but I set a lap that would have been good enough for pole – the only thing was they didn’t show the chequered flag and I was out of time, even though I didn’t realise it. Anyway, I’m happy because we’ve got a good pace in the wet and the bike is working well. I’m keen for the race to get started and it would be nice if the weather allows us to run full distance because it would give us a better idea of where we all are. Whatever the conditions are, we’ll try and run up front and if it’s wet the main thing will be to stay concentrated and not make mistakes.”

7th Bradley Smith 2.01.608

“We’re on the second row, which will be important tomorrow in order to make a good start. We’ll have to wait and see what the weather does but personally I’d prefer dry conditions. This morning I had a problem with my exhaust and the bike wouldn’t rev, even though the feeling with the Aprilia was good. It’s disappointing that we didn’t get chance to compete this afternoon but I just hope we can get a full race in tomorrow, unlike Qatar. The front folded on me under braking at the end of the straight this morning and I ran off track but luckily it was just a scare.”

12th Sergio Gadea 2.02.333
“I’m not happy because I know we could have been much higher up the order than this. We set a good pace yesterday but we didn’t go flat out for a lap time and even though we could never have predicted this to happen today we’ve been caught out. Even so, I think we can have a good race tomorrow. We’ll have to be careful at the start and try to make up as many positions as possible without crashing. The whole session went well this morning apart from the crash in turn eleven but that was caused by the standing water so I’m not concerned by it.”

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