Jerez GP – 125cc Quotes after FP1

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1stBradley Smith 1.47.385 (15 laps)
“I went out with my mind set on setting a fast pace from the start. We’ve struggled to run at the front in the first two rounds and it has been frustrating so it is important that we were able to go so quick today with such relative ease. My feeling with the Aprilia and the circuit was fantastic and I felt really confident. I could notice every slight improvement with the set-up and that helped me get faster as the session went on. We couldn’t have made a better start but the points don’t get dished out today, nor does pole position, so we have to stay focused on keeping this up for the rest of the weekend. We have a few small changes to make for tomorrow but in general I’m really happy.”

2nd Julián Simón 1.47.689 (16 laps)
“The truth is that I felt really comfortable today and everything went well. As the session went on we got closer and closer to the setting we had here in the winter and it worked well. We could maybe do with a bit more speed through the corners but in general I’m pleased with the performance of my Aprilia. We still have plenty of time to work on the bike tomorrow and hopefully we’ll have a race in perfect conditions. I think it’s going to be a close race on Sunday and that gives me even more motivation to set a fast lap time tomorrow and be up there from the start.”

5th Sergio Gadea 1.48.722 (17 laps)
“I’m really happy because we’re at the right end of the time sheets in practice again and that is very positive for the race. Jerez is one of the circuits I like the most but I’ve not gone too well here in the past so it is important to build up my confidence. I’m a little disappointed because even though the lap time is good I still haven’t found the limit of the bike and my riding was very mechanical today – I wasn’t having fun. We’ll make a few changes to the front end tomorrow to improve our position ahead of the race. The engine performance is incredible so once we sort the front end out we’ll be in great shape.”

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