Pere Tutusaus 2009 Grunge Desktop Wallpaper

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Okay; I’ve finally got round to doing some proper “TuTu 09” desktop wallpapers.
I’ve made a real effort to do something that’s good in a number of sizes and also something that stands up in its own right as a decent piece of graphic design.
It’s based on a lovely action shot, courtesy of Gianni at Team Go Eleven PMS, and I’ve set it into a hot KTM orange kind of a grungescape (is that a word? it is now…)

Hope you like it – feel free to share and pass on as widely as you like so long as you credit this site 🙂

Here’s the downloads:
Click here to download the 1680×1050 version…
Click here to download the 1440×900 version…
Click here to download the 1280×800 version…

Enjoy 🙂

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