Italian GP, Mugello – Alvaro, Friday Quotes

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“It is only the first session, but it is obviously always better to be up at the front. I think that we had a good practice, and at the end I was putting in a string of pretty fast laps. The last lap of the session saw me clock my quickest time, without even changing tyres, something that shows that we can go even faster.
The confidence that knowing that we have been working well since preseason means that I can go much faster and concentrate more.
Being the series leader also takes the heat off, but it is still too early to say what will happen on Sunday. In any case, we’ve started well and I am going to try and win at all cost. My mentality is a winning one, and we want to fight for victory at every race. I love the track, but it is demanding because you have to unlock the secret to three or four parts to go fast.”

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