Review: iPhone App (5* rating)

 In MotoGP

I have a (possibly ever-so slightly deserved) reputation as a bit of a geek / nerd / saddo when it comes to anything Mac or iPhone related. So, imagine my joy then, when I was pointed at a dedicated iPhone app from

Let’s face it, MotoGP and Dorna have been way more innovative, smart and genuinely rewarding in their approach to online delivery than F1 – and far better at doing something of genuine interest to punters.
And so perhaps this is no great surprise. Doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a bit of a rave though…
It’s a thoroughly tasty piece of work from start to finish, playing both to their own strengths in content and data, and the iPhone’s strengths in interface and usability.

The key to it of course is dynamic data – in this case, live timing with race lap, rider position, lap time, gap time, and top speed. And nice touches like rotating the iPhone into ‘horizontal’ position to get a full live timing view, and live commentary from the MotoGP crew as well.
The app also provides access to race results, championship results, latest news, rider profiles, competition calendars and schedules, and a huge photo gallery.
Aside from all the good functionality, it also has the excellent branding DNA, and attention to detail, in buckets. It’s one of the slickest looking apps I’ve seen. (*And I’ve seen more than enough to prove I should get out more…)

To be honest it’s a steal at only £1.79 and certainly an invaluable addition to the tech tools of anyone who loves MotoGP and their gadgets.

For some bizarre reason have disabled ’embedding’ of their Youtube demo of the app – which is a real shame as it’d be nice to just plonk it on the page here and share it on other sites and blogs, but if you click on this link then you can watch it anyway…

Finally, if you need no further persuading then just click here to go directly to the app in iTunes

(*Oh, and don’t forget that you can keep up with all the news and chat over at BatiFans with our very own iPhone Web App…)

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