Catalunya GP – Friday Quotes From Alvaro

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“The most important thing about today, with this heat, was setting a good pace. It wasn’t excessively fast, as in the other two classes, which shows that the track surface isn’t 100%. We had a setback with the engine on my first bike and I had to do the last run on my second one. The engine was a bit better on that one but I could tell the difference in the suspension. We could have done with improving a little more but I’m happy because we set a good pace. Let’s say if the track is in better shape tomorrow so that we can continue to make progress. After three or four laps in the long corners the bike is sliding round a lot, the tyres are suffering in the heat and it is difficult to control. We’ll try and work out what was wrong with the first engine tomorrow and improve the set-up to be ready for the race.”

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