Assen: Thursday Quotes From Alvaro

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“To be honest the lap times weren’t particularly quick today. We had a problem at the start of the session and the rear of the bike was sliding around a lot – also the engine wasn’t working as it should be but as the session progressed we ironed things out. I’m still not completely happy with the rear of my Aprilia because it is not gripping and I can’t open the throttle when I want to. So that is mainly what we need to work on tomorrow and I’m convinced we can make big improvements. It’s not bad for the first day but we can’t afford to go to sleep tomorrow. Barberá and myself are a little ahead of the rest but that doesn’t mean anything because the pace will increase tomorrow. In our case we know where we can go faster and that is what we need to do in order for me to have fun on the bike.”

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