Assen 250cc GP – Alvaro Wiped Out By Hiro

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Less said the better quite frankly…
A brilliant run from Alvaro (on for second or first spot) cut short with about a lap to go when Hiro Aoyama amde a mistake in the final chicane, running wide and slowing right down only to come back onto the track to take out Alvaro who was on the correct line, very close behind.
It was an accident… yeah – I know… and it was by one of the *good* riders in the class… but that doesn’t stop it from hurting – particularly as Hiro was able to nurse his bike to the win swapping Bati’s 12 point championship lead over him to a 13 pint deficit. And that’s galling.

Anyway, here’s Alvaro’s words on the race…
“My plan was to take it right to the end with Aoyama, because I saw that in the final sector I was quicker than him and I could try a pass. I think that I could have done it, but maybe he had a problem with the bike that stopped him in the chicane. I ran into the back of him and couldn’t do anything. The crash is a pity because we could have taken at least twenty points, and the incident has lost us the leadership of the championship. We have to look at the good side though, we had a good race and showed that we are very strong. The results will keep coming if we keep working like we are now.”

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