Assen GP – Mixed Fortunes For Team Aspar

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11th Mike Di Meglio:
“I had a good start and tried to pick up positions quickly. At the beginning I was riding with the lead group, so I had to push to keep up with them. I felt very comfortable riding, but suddenly the rear end of my bike started to slide out. I thought that the traction control would help me out, but I gradually came to realise that it was a rear tyre issue. I couldn’t enter the corners well, especially the right handers. I aimed to keep focused and avoid crashing. When I got back to the garage I saw that my tyre was completely destroyed, which was a big disappointment for us. I think we could have been up at the front.”

Álvaro Bautista (DNF):
“My plan was to take it right to the end with Aoyama, because I saw that in the final sector I was quicker than him and I could try a pass. I think that I could have done it, but maybe he had a problema with the bike that stopped him in the chicane. I ran into the back of him and couldn’t do anything. The crash is a pity because we could have taken at least twenty points, and the incident has lost us the leadership of the championship. We have to look at the good side though, we had a good race and showed that we are very strong. The results will keep coming if we keep working like we are now.”

4th Aleix Espargaró:
“I am very happy with this result, and it is an incredible feeling to finish this weekend in such a position. Apart from Friday we were in the top five for every practice session. It was a hard race, but at the start I really got off well and felt comfortable. My Aprilia wasn’t responding how I expected, although after the sixth lap it had picked up temperature and allowed me to ride more calmly. It was a beautiful race, as I don’t think that I’ve ever overtaken so many riders. I knew that the start would be crucial, so I really concentrated on getting up to the front. At the end of the straight everyone hit the brakes early, so I made the most of it to get ahead. I found my spot in the race little by little, and I think that fourth is an incredible result after going so long without riding a two-stroke. This race was like a gift for me, and I want to thank the team for all their support.”

1st Sergio Gadea:
“I am sincerely very happy with the win, as I haven’t taken victory since the Qatar race at the start of last year. Everything is going well for us, and the team are working to perfection. I think that we are groing and growing, and we have won because of consistency. Today I won, but the important thing will be tos tay at the front for every race. It was a beautiful race, and I had an intense battle with Simón and Terol. I lost a bit of time with Iannone, but I recovered quickly, and then I rode an intelligent race to wait for my moment.”
2nd Julián Simón:
“This circuit has never been good to me, so this result is a positive. I am very happy, and have to thank the team for the effort they made. We had some doubts about the tyre choice, and in the end we put the soft rubber on. Thanks to them we were a lot more comfortable for the whole race. Gadea and Nico’s bikes were a little faster, so it was tough to try and keep up. I tried to keep behind to stop them passing me back. I was braking as hard as possible, but Nico was as well, posible, pero él so in the end we went parrallel and he went straight on. On Thursday we were warned that running off the escape route would result in a penalty. This is another good result for us, a strong second place.”
3rd Bradley Smith:
“It has been a difficult race, as at the start I couldn’t get up to the front to try and break away. My plan was to wait five or six laps behindd the group, watching how the race developed. Gadea passed Iannone and oponed a gap, but when I tried to pass we started our fight. I had a great feeling with the Aprilia at all times, although I would have liked to have been fighting amongst the top three in the race. It is a pity, but when the races turn out like that there’s not much more that you can do. I’m still feeling good about the podium, and that we are still up at the top of the standings. In summary, it has been a successful weekend, so I’m happy with the result.”

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