German GP, Sachsenring: Team Post-Race Quotes

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3rd Álvaro Bautista:
“With the worn tyre I could still feel very comfortable, but I had an early problem. The bike was sliding about and I couldn’t feel at ease riding, so I had to regain my feeling step by step. I wasn’t fully comfortable until the middle of the race; when I caught up with Barberá I saw that he was going faster than me, I decided to let him take me up to the front. When we got to Hiroshi and Faubel It was difficult to pass because of Aoyama’s late braking, and there were only a couple of places at which I knew that I could pass him. I tried to overtake with two laps to go, but I saw a yellow flag and couldn’t make the move. I got through later on and saw Álex ahead, and knew that catching him would be tough. I was with him on the last lap, but a move would have been risking things. Third is a good result, and Aoyama finished behind me which is important for the title fight.”
Mike Di Meglio (DNF):
“At the start of the race I felt very comfortable and I made a quick start. From then on I was right behind the trailing pack and started to feel the front end moving around on the corners. I tried to ride around it, with the majority of my weight on the rear, but it was tough keeping my pace up. I tried to overtake Faubel and lost some time there too. The crash was truly unexpected, as the front seized up and I couldn’t do anything. When I tried to rejoin the race the handlebars were too twisted to carry on. It’s a pity and I’m annoyed more than at any other race, after working so well throughout the weekend and not being able to cap it off with a good result.”

7th Aleix Espargaró:
“All weekend we’d gone well, and I think that today I could have fought with the front riders. When we were on the grid and the race had been declared wet I saw that there was nothing to lose, so I put on the slick rear and mixed front tyre to see what would happen. At the start of the race it was hard to keep up, because the bike was closing up in front. Lap by lap I picked up my pace and confidence, however, and at the end I was riding quickly. I was enjoying the ride, but I think that we should have gone with slicks on both the front and rear. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, because I think that we could have done even better. In any case, now is not the time for regret.”


1st Julián Simón:
“I would say that today couldn’t have gone any better. The only better feeling would be to win the World Championship I suppose. It has been an excellent weekend, as I was on top for every session and showed how well we are working. Today the key was the start, and I took off much better than in other races. I had a strong pace and nobody could catch me. It was a race like that in France from then on, as I had phenomenal guidance from my team and just had to concentrate. We just needed to keep up the same pace. I am very happy about the win, and when I crossed the line I made sure to keep on the gas and look behind me to avoid any surprises. We hadn’t won since France, so this win is further motivation. Now we go to Donington, where I took my first win and hope for another good result.” 
2nd Sergio Gadea:
“Last night I prayed for a dry race, and I was in luck. I knew that I could be up at the front in the right conditions, but I knew that Julián had the same pace as I did. That is why he could keep the advantage in the race. He started strong and was impossible to catch. After winning in Assen, second place here is perfect and I’m satisfied. I saw the chance to catch Simón was too risky, so I settled for second and can be happy with the fabulous job that the team did. It is early to think about the championship, but we are going nearly perfect this year. I just have to carry on trying to get the maximum amount of points possible.”
Bradley Smith (DNF):
“It seems like I shouldn’t have got out of bed this morning. It is disappointing that I had such a good weekend end like this, but I think that the warmup crash affected us. I don’t think that the front tyre had got up to temperature. That’s why I got the feeling that I was running off track at every corner. The first crash was a blow to morale, and the second was a hit from behind that I couldn’t do anything about. We just have to move on and concentrate on the next race in Donington, making sure that we are ready to regain points.”

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