Czech GP – Friday Quotes – 125cc

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1st Bradley Smith 2.09.211 (21 laps):
“I think that this was the ideal way to return to action. After two weeks off I needed to get back on the Aprilia, and what better way to do so than with the best time of the day? An hour without rain was fantastic to have, because it is much easier to move forward. We were coming along great during the run, and even the asphalt was getting better; at the start the bike was sliding, but it gradually got more grippy. The wind gave some problems -as it does at Brno- and you need to get a slipstream to keep from losing time. We were all practically even today, so we have to keep concentrated to be the best this weekend.”

3rd Julián Simón 2.09.409 (19 laps):
“This first day has been pretty positive, as Brno is a track that I’ve always found difficult. You have to let the bike run on, and that isn’t something that I particularly like. We were up there from the start, and the bike was clearly improving as the session went on, above all with the engine. We tried various tyres, and know that if the conditions continue to be the same in every session we will have to use a different combination than we did today. The riders at the top are close together, so I am going to keep looking for pole tomorrow. If it doesn’t rain then we will have more time to prepare the bike and the race will be more exciting.”

5th Sergio Gadea 2.09.618 (18 laps):
“I am very happy with this opening session, because we were right at the top for most of the way, continually improving. I did an early 2’09 and felt very comfortable , but I had a small problem with my confidence in the rear end. It was a tyre problem and kept my busy for the second half of the run. For this reason I took a fall ten minutes from the end and didn’t have enough time to improve my final lap when I got back on track. In any case I’m not worrying too much about that, because we know what the mistake was and I’m sure that tomorrow it will be sorted. Despite that tiny setback I was still only four-tenths from Smith, which isn’t much at this track. The engine is going well, so we just have to work on the rear and we will be ready.”

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