Czech GP – Friday Quotes – 250cc

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4th Álvaro Bautista 2.03.130 (23 laps):
“After two weeks off my Aprilia this session was useful for checking that everything was in its right place. I am not worried, because we are up front despite some problems with front end chattering. The suspension wasn’t absorbing the bumps like it should have, so we worked on that. If things go well then that will be resolved tomorrow. We don’t have a setting that I like above all the others, but I’m sure that we will find one. We are more than half a second off the top, but I am confident that tomorrow we will catch up. My elbow is fine and I can work at 100%.”

10th Mike Di Meglio 2.03.923 (20 laps):
“Everything went fairly well in this session; we are a little way off the top times, but I can keep calm because I know that we have worked hard. Our goal for the day was to keep working on the changes little by little, without getting too bogged down with it. I didn’t feel comfortable on the Arpilia at the start of the session, but thanks to my mechanics we found the best riding position to help us out. The positive point of the day has been our continual evolution and I hope that we keep on the same track tomorrow and that this shows in qualifying.”

20th Balázs Németh 2.07.998 (17 laps):
“At the start the session was going well, as I immediately found a good feeling with the circuit and kept improving my times in every splits. However, in the middle of the run I started to have problems with the gearbox; I could go quickly in some sections but couldn’t make the most of my engine in others. With ten minutes remaining I had to call it a day, in order to find a solution to the problem. In any case I’m very happy, because Brno is a track that I like and in which I have felt comfortable. My hand isn’t hurting at all, so I hope to keep improving on day two.”

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