Czech GP – Saturday Quotes 125cc

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4th Julián Simón 2.08.542 (14 laps): “I am happy with the result, because the team and myself have worked phenomenally. We have what I feel is the perfect setting for the race, and we know what tyres to use. We could have had a better time, but I lost a bit of concentration when riders were following me, for instance Cortese. It was a mistake on my part to be worrying about other riders. The most important thing is that everything is clear and we can have a good race, fighting for the victory and the maximum amount of points. I think that on the opening laps four or five riders will be up front, with Terol, Smith, Iannone and myself involved. Terol and myself have been the most consistent, but we will see what happens and I will try to open up a gap.”

5th Bradley Smith 2.08.957 (14 laps): “The qualifying session was the only less than perfect session that we have had so far. In the free practices we were able to improve a lot, but this afternoon we went in the wrong direction. We fought to find the best setup for the Aprilia, and it looks as if we nailed it in the end. Fifth isn’t a fantastic place, but it is hardly a disaster either, and I have the poleman in front of me as a reference at the start. Our biggest problem has been the rear suspension, which was too hard and means that we don’t have al the feedback that we would like. It is important here to have a balanced bike, with al the ups and downs and fast corners. I think that we have everything more or less sorted, and we will adjust the rear in the warmup. It’s going to be a slipstreaming race, so we will have to be aware.”

7th Sergio Gadea 2.09.240 (14 laps):“We still have a little way to go in order to be ready for the race. To tell the truth it has been a complicated weekend up to now, with my crash yesterday and the continual problem with chattering that persisted even when we were going for a fast lap. The mechanics are working against the clock and finally found a solution. We had a rear end issue in the afternoon, because of which the bike was hard to turn in and didn’t give any feeling when opening the throttle on the exit. Luckily I found Smith and follow him for a lap, taking me to the second row. It’s not a bad place to start, but tomorrow I see it being very hard work. I’m going to fight for the top positions in any case, and the important thing will be to not let Simón get away. We have to take points from him.”

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