Czech GP – Saturday Quotes 250cc

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5th Mike Di Meglio 2.02.426 (15 laps): “For the majority of the qualifying session I was unable to wring the most out of my engine and I don’t know why that was. We worked very hard to come up with a solution and, just before I went out for the final time, with a parts change it looked like we had found one. Then I felt comfortable and was able to do my fastest lap. I was lucky to hang on to Barberá and Aoyama to use them as reference points. It’s strange, as the morning went fantastically but the afternoon was much harder. I hope that we can give a final big push in the warmup no get us up there in the race. I will try to be one of the front group, but I am well aware that it will not be an easy race at a circuit that has always been tough for me to find a good feeling. It is very different to other tracks.”

8th Álvaro Bautista 2.02.748 (15 laps): “The crash was totally unexpected, as I had already put two laps on the new tyres. I got into turn five and everything seized up, causing me to fall. This morning we did various tests on the front suspension and found some things that worked, then we continued with the front end in the afternoon but lost our way. The changes in place at the end of the practice are the ones that I would favour for the race and I am sure that if we had done more laps with this setting then we would have done better today. We will go back to it tomorrow in the warmup and try again. In the race I wil have to start well in order to be at the front and fight like I have done this season. I will have to take risks if necessary, because I can’t afford to lose more points.”

18th Balázs Németh 2.05.493 (17 laps): “At the beginning of the session we tried to play around with the chain setting, and little by little we looked for ways to make my riding more comfortable. It looked like it wasn’t going to work, but we made some front end and rear end adjustments that have given us the perfect geometry for tomorrow. This afternoon we had a lot of fun riding; I didn’t want the session to end! I am convinced that tomorrow I can have a good race, but I have to be careful not to lose places at the start. I will try to find a group to keep my pace up, with my objective being to take my first GP points and give the Hungarian fans here a race to remember.”

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