Czech GP: 125cc Quotes after race

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2nd Julián Simón: “I am very happy with this race. Second place is a fantastic result considering that I said before coming here that the fast corners were difficult for me. I was very decisive throughout the weekend, trying to set the bike up best for today. We maybe lacked a bit of acceleration compared to Nico, but we did a great job with the chassis that gave me the advantage in braking and pace. Nico was very tough, making it more difficult for me with every lap, and he closed down every opening when I tried to make a move on the final lap. I am satisfied because the 20 points allow us to leave Brno as leaders of the championship and give me extra confidence. We know that this is the way to go if we are going to win the title. We are going for wins in the final part of the year, but we have to keep our heads to get points.”

4th Bradley Smith: “It was a pity that I had that scare on the opening lap. I think I might have hit the clutch lever at just the wrong moment, shutting off the engine and nearly going down. I was just about to hunt down Iannone and lost concentration. I think that without this I could have beenup there with the top three. In any case, after the disasters at Sachsenring and Donington I got back in the points, and that was my goal. Fourth isn’t bad, but I will take more from fact that it comes after troubles yesterday and the in the warmup. I leave Brno a little disappointed, because Iannone and Nico are both rivals who finished ahead of me. I already have my sights set on a podium at Indianapolis.”

9th Sergio Gadea:
“I could have een fifth in the group in which I was riding, but I wouldn’t have even been satisfied then. I wasn’t at all comfortable and couldn’t follow Nico and Iannone, even after a good start. When Simón passed me I tried to hang off his back wheel, but I didn’t have the necessary feeling to do that and risked crashing. I gave everything I could, but when there is nothing you can do, there’s nothing that you can do. I have to wait now until Indianapolis for a better result.”

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