Alvaro Quotes: Post-Race, Indy GP

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“It hasn’t been a good weekend for us if we are talking about the world title, because Simoncelli is closer to us and Aoyama is now further ahead. I had a lot of problems in practice, just like at Brno where I didn’t feel at all comfortable on the bike. I didn’t manage to find that decent setting that I needed. Yesterday afternoon I felt more confident, and believed that today I could fight at the front. It was a pity that I made such a slow start, because I got stuck behind Debón and it was hard to pass him. When I got through I tried to regain ground with the front two, but they were already too far away. I tried to push at the limit, but on such a bumpy track it is hard to feel comfortable enough to do that when you know that you could fall easily. It hasn’t been the weekend that we expected, but at least we didn’t lose too many points in the standings. We’ll see if at the next few races we can work better in practice, in order to have a setup ready for Sunday.”

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