MotoGP meets Fashion with Aspar and Tuenti riders

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The Aspar Team and the Tuenti Derbi Team recently announced new sponsor collaborations with fashion brands.

Hector Barbera, Julian Simon and Nico Terol will ride with new sponsor Pull & Bear this season.
The fashion brand has designed an exclusive line which is made up of a series of T-shirts, polo shirts and trousers which the team of mechanics and the riders Héctor Barberá, Mike di Meglio, Julián Simón, Nico Terol and Bradley Smith will wear off the track. This is a selection of garments designed for the current 2010 motorcycle racing season and is not available at points of sale.

What is more, within this context of collaboration between the Aspar team and the fashion brand, Pull & Bear will display its new logotype design which will be screen-printed onto the team-riders’ bikes. Pull & Bear is aware of its customers’ strong links with the sport, and as a result is backing a team which has been notching up great victories since 2006.

Jorge Martínez “Aspar”: “For us as a Spanish team, to be able to collaborate with Inditex, the most important Spanish textile company and probably one of the most prominent in the world, is a great pleasure. I think that young people who buy Pull & Bear products identify strongly with the style of the world championship of motorcycle racing. The three Aspar teams, one in each class of the motor racing world championship, hope to fight for the 125cc and Moto2 titles. We would be delighted to be able to celebrate a championship title together with Pull & Bear. All the garments have really surprised me, they are of incredibly high quality. I think that we are demonstrating that with our team, our equipment and in this case with these clothes, that we are top class.”

Héctor Barberá: “I think this is the first time that Pull & Bear has dressed a sports team. It is a historic turning point that a brand of such extraordinary calibre has decided to collaborate in a sport by designing a collection of clothes exclusively for us.”

Julián Simón: “The collection of clothes that Pull & Bear has made for us is very comfortable and easy to wear. I think this is very important given that we have to wear it for long periods. It may seem unimportant, but during the big races, there is a lot of work and tension, and it is very important to feel comfortable at all times.”

Nico Terol: “I am delighted with Pull & Bear’s clothes, basically because it’s what I usually wear every day. I am a devoted fan of Inditex. To be able to wear the clothes that I most like on the circuits too is fantastic.”

And from the Catalunya GP onwards Tuenti Derbi riders Pol Espargaro and Efren Vazquez will wear shoes from the Barcelona company Munich which have been custom designed to fit the colours of the team. Both riders and the team members of Tuenti Derbi will wear the customized model Munich Gresca at all remaining circuits of the 2010 calendar and also other models of the Goal and Acropol line outside the tracks.

Sources: Team Aspar & Munich Sports

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