Cardús frustrated after crashing out of US Grand Prix

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The Maquinza SAG Team goes back home disappointed because of the bad results achieved at the Red Bull Grand Prix of Indianapolis but with the certainty that Ricky assimilated the jobs he has to do at the circuits.

Due to the high temperature at the Indianapolis circuit today and the different kinds of asphalt of the American track we have witnessed one of the most accident incident rounds of the season. A few minutes into the start of the race, an unfortunately incident with some riders crashing into each other and made them stop the race causing the restart. The team used the time between both races to do some appropriate modifications on the Bimota because the Moto2 riders had to face the next race making only 17 laps. With that Cardús did a great start but on the second lap he saw how all the job of the weekend was in vain to yield results with the crash suffered.

“It’s a pity to finish the weekend crashing. Today in the first race I did a good start and I overtook some positions but a multiple crash brought out the red flag so all the riders took to the boxes to prepare the next start. For the second one we adjusted the Bimota thinking to make it faster in the last minutes of the race, so in the beginning I had to adapt myself to the bike but on the second lap I felt the Bimota was a little bit harder to ride. On one of the bumping parts of the circuit I couldn’t control the bike and I lost the front. We can take valuable conclusions of this weekend despite the bad results. Now I know the good direction of working at the races, I know that I have to take my own pace and never push until I know I can improve. It’s really positive to face the San Marino GP that we have next weekend.”

Source: Maquinza SAG Team

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