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Despite the frosty temperatures and icy roads, many bike fans took the trip to Birmingham for the opening day of Motorcycle Live. After all, when do you ever get the chance to see a world champion up close and personal?
No other than current Moto GP world champion Jorge Lorenzo had been invited to officially open the show.
The reception Jorge received by the gathered crowd was phenomenal and the cheers and applause could surely be heard in the farthest corners of the exhibition hall.
Both hands firmly pressing down on his special championship helmet, Lorenzo did what he came to do and the fireworks he lit on stage got almost washed out by the flashlights of the congregated press.

The Spaniard himself seemed delighted to see so many fans even though he admitted that being the world champion was “completely crazy. The number of interviews has duplicated or tripled. We have to control this, only do a minimum of interviews. But it’s still a lot of interviews, a lot of compromise. You know, not all things can be good when you’re the world champion, some things are a bit more stress. But we must take this, no?”

Yes, it seems being extremely busy is one of the side effects of fulfilling your dream as a racer.
A packed interview schedule to keep the press happy mixed with various autograph signing sessions for the fans meant Jorge’s day in Birmingham was no exception to this.

But despite his full diary, looking back at a season full of mixed emotions and great battles, crowned by the all important championship title, Jorge Lorenzo certainly doesn’t look unhappy.

He admits however that he began to feel the pressure when, about mid-season, it was other riders who took the top step on the podium.
“You know, the last time we won was Brno so we just needed another victory. Some people, some media started to think that we don’t deserve the championship. But for us, we deserve this because we have been fast, constant and really concentrated, so to finish the championship winning the last two races is the perfect result.”

Report and photos by Michaela Genz for Vroom Media

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